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About Plug'd

Plug’d is not your typical mobile app that just list events that you can find anywhere else on the internet. Plug’d is all about creating experiences for its users versus just providing access to a generic list. Whether you are looking for a Friday after work happy hour, in town for a conference with a particular craving for Thai food or just landed in a city for an interview with a need to find a local barber or MUA, Plug’d is the app for you.

This freemium multi-tier, subscription-based application provides exclusive experiences only offered to Plug’d users. Paid subscriptions provide more exclusive offerings.

Users will have the ability to share, save to calendar, search by category, receive notifications and more.

Our Features


The map allows you to view events from all categories within miles of your current location. Each event has a specific icon to identity the type of event. For example, restaurants, concerts, etc.

Clicking on an event allows you to review the details of the event.

Color Coded Categories

Each event category is color coded and linked to corresponding events, which makes for a view that is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Clicking on an event category filters the list and displays events that are close to your current location. If you want to check out events in another city prior to arriving, you can also use the “change location” feature to search those events.

Calendar Integration

When you book an event and use the calendar feature, the event is automatically synced to your mobile phone calendar.

You can also use the share feature to send events to your friends.

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